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ILAX Spring Championships - June 3 & 4

Teams from across Iowa will gather in Ankeny on June 3 & 4 for the inaugural ILAX Spring Championships! The event will feature play for girls and boys! Schedule details to be released soon.

The event will feature a variety of food trucks and you can order merchandise via our on-line store!

State Championships Brackets & Schedules

The inaugural State Youth Lacrosse Championships presented by the Iowa Lacrosse Association will take place June 3 & 4 at the Prairie Ridge Sports Complex in Ankeny. For boys play, we are using a double elimination format in each age group with seeding established by order of finish during the regular season. Girls play is a round robin in the 12U and 14U age groups.

Brackets for Boys 10U, 12U, and 14U are linked. An Schedule guides game play. The Girls schedule is also linked.

A map of the facility is available (note also this guidance regarding construction). The food trucks will be located in the small parking lot adjacent to “Youth Football Concessions” area on the map. We have arranged for a number of food trucks to be on site throughout the event for the convenience of our families. There also is a event merchandise store where you can find a variety of apparel items.

Board Statement on Age Eligibility

The Iowa Lacrosse Association Board of Directors met on May 24 to review concerns raised by some coaches and parents about age eligibility standards. The Board requested and received a briefing from USA Lacrosse. The following statement details the discussion and the Board’s disposition of the matters brought forward: Board Statement on Age Eligibility Standards

Save the Date! Fall Play Day - Oct 14

On October 14, teams from across Iowa and surrounding states will gather at the Mid American Energy Rec Plex in West Des Moines for the ILAX Fall Play Day! It is sure to be a highlight of fall ball. We anticipate supporting play for girls and boys across all age ranges.

Why Play Lacrosse?

Why should your son or daughter play lacrosse?

The simple answer is: It’s fun and its something new to try!

The benefits of being a multi-sport athlete are well known, but it can be hard to pull away from a sport for fear of falling behind or missing out. As the Great One notes below, you won’t fall behind – in fact, playing lacrosse makes you a better hockey player. For example, the similarities between lacrosse and hockey are eery. Don’t take our word for it, a quick google will find page after page of lacrosse and hockey coaches and former NHL players passing on how lacrosse helped them become better hockey players and vice versa. 

It’s not just hockey though. Football players can benefit from reinforcing footwork, agility, spacing, field awareness and more. More on that in a post to come!

Here’s some things to think about, play lacrosse this spring and here’s what you can learn!

  • Lateral movement and foot speed
  • Avoiding hits
  • Dekes and fakes
  • Positional play
  • Explosive power
  • Passing and setting up plays
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Sportsmanlike and team play
  • Acceleration and speed
  • Shooting and aim / accuracy
  • Core strength, follow through and second efforts
  • Checking and physical presence


Why hockey players should play lacrosse from Honest Engine Films on Vimeo.

New to Lacrosse?

As is the case across the country, boys and girls in Iowa are discovering the exciting sport of lacrosse.  If you are interested in trying lacrosse, or have played in the past and are looking for a new lacrosse home, there are several clubs in the state with youth programs.  More information about those clubs is available here.

New Officials Needed!


The game is growing quickly in Iowa and we need officials.  If you currently are an official, and are considering becoming involved in another sport, please consider lacrosse.  ILAX will help you get started as we facilitate USA Lacrosse training.  We anticipate training will be offered this fall and winter in advance of next spring’s season which runs March through May.  For more details about the opportunity, check out the link below:

Officials Recruitment Flyer


2022-23 ILAX Board Elections

During its annual meeting on June 15, the ILAX Board of Directors elected the following officers for the upcoming year:

President – Jeff Kueter, Iowa City

Vice President – Britt Mitchell, Meskwaki

Secretary – Vince McGee, Quad Cities

Treasurer – Bruce Maxwell, Ames

In addition to these officers, the following individuals were elected to the ILAX board for two-year terms: Elliot Florer, Ankeny; Dave Hankins, Ankeny; Ashley Hicks, Quad Cities; Sean Mahoney, Waukee; Mike Ross, West Des Moines; Marc Shulman, Ames; and Beech Turner, West Des Moines.  Thank you to all for serving.  

ILAX Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

The ILAX Board recently established a statement that makes clear the importance of inclusion and the value of diversity within the Association and member youth organizations. ILAX encourages members to define diversity as an organizational priority along with expectations of inclusion and equity within their programs.  The statement reads:

“The Iowa Lacrosse Association and its member clubs believe in and are committed to diversity, inclusion and gender equity among its players, coaches and volunteers. We want to establish and maintain an inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation and improves the learning environment for players and positive experiences for coaches and volunteers from diverse backgrounds.”


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