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Play Lacrosse this Fall!

Programs across Iowa are recruiting new players to give lacrosse a try this fall! If you are looking for a new sport to try or want to stay active, lacrosse is an excellent mix of cardio, hand-eye coordination, and some physiciality.

Reach out to us or one of our programs and we will connect you with Girls or Boys program nearest to you!

Save the Date! Fall Play Day - Oct 14

On October 14, teams from across Iowa and surrounding states will gather at the Mid American Energy Rec Plex in West Des Moines for the ILAX Fall Play Day! It is sure to be a highlight of fall ball. We anticipate supporting play for girls and boys across all age ranges.

Officials Training - Get Started Today

We absolutely must develop additional officials (boys/girls). In particular, prospects in CR-IC, the Quad Cities, Dubuque, and Tama/Meskwaki, but even in the greater Des Moines region - we can't continue growing local game play opportunities without more officials. We may be fast reaching a point where we will have to turn kids away because we can't guarantee games for them to play. We don't want that and I suspect you don't either.

Help us by taking some on-line courses this fall. That's how you start -- watching videos to learn about the details of the game. If that builds your interest, then we can discuss next steps. But, we need people to step forward and start the process. Reach out with questions.

Looking to get our trainees on the field on Oct 14 so get started today!

This opportunity is open to our High School players too! Email to get started.

2023 Annual Report

As we get underway with the 2023-24 season, take a moment to review highlights from last year in the 2023 Annual Report.

2023-24 ILAX Board Elections

During its annual meeting on June 14, the ILAX Board of Directors elected the following officers for the upcoming year:

President – Jeff Kueter, Iowa City

Vice President – Britt Mitchell, Meskwaki

Secretary – Vince McGee, Quad Cities

Treasurer – Bruce Maxwell, Ames

In addition to these officers, the following individuals were elected to the ILAX board for two-year terms: Steve Gudenkauf, Dubuque.  

New to Lacrosse?

As is the case across the country, boys and girls in Iowa are discovering the exciting sport of lacrosse.  If you are interested in trying lacrosse, or have played in the past and are looking for a new lacrosse home, there are several clubs in the state with youth programs.  More information about those clubs is available here.

ILAX Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

The ILAX Board recently established a statement that makes clear the importance of inclusion and the value of diversity within the Association and member youth organizations. ILAX encourages members to define diversity as an organizational priority along with expectations of inclusion and equity within their programs.  The statement reads:

“The Iowa Lacrosse Association and its member clubs believe in and are committed to diversity, inclusion and gender equity among its players, coaches and volunteers. We want to establish and maintain an inclusive culture that fosters equitable participation and improves the learning environment for players and positive experiences for coaches and volunteers from diverse backgrounds.”


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